A Unique Crowdfunded Mining Expedition.

Hodler Mining is a crowd-funded cryptocurrency mining operation with a ‘unique historical mining’ touch as it is located in the former biggest coal mine of the Netherlands, in Geleen. The Hodler mining site is part of the large industrial complex named Chemelot.

In order for us to have a stable and profitable cryptocurrency mining business, we usually incorporate the most advanced mining equipment available using immersion cooling technology built for the most profitable output and designed for maximum durability.

We also make use of the most advanced security and monitoring system, a stable and powerful electricity supply, around the clock security, very low electricity costs (0.065 euro), fast internet, numerous qualified technicians and process operators to setup and maintain our facility, using the endless possibilities of the Neblio platform.


Neblio Platform – The most advanced blockchain technology.

The Hodler Mining tokens (HODLR ) will be implemented as an NTP1 token on the Neblio platform, which is known as the Blockchain 3.0., the most advanced blockchain technology which allows investors to create passive income from the general profit of our company by holding the HODLR token in their Orion Wallet. The possibilities with the Neblio platform are endless. 1.000.000 HODLR tokens will be distributed on our website in 2 separate ICO phases, started on June 1st 2018.

HODLR Token Information

Token Sale

HODLR tokens will be implemented as an NTP1 token on the Neblio platform, which is known as the Blockchain 3.0, the most advanced blockchain technology.  

started on June 01

ICO Token Sale Phases

Start Phase 1:

June 01, 2018 (12:00 CET)

Amount of tokens for sale:

1.000.000 HODLR


July 15, 2018 (23:59 CET)

Tokens exchange rate:

1 HODLR = 100 EUR

Acceptable currencies:


Minimum transaction amount:

1 HODLR (100 EUR)

Excluded from participation:

USA, Bangladesh, North Korea, South Korea, Syria

Start Phase 2:

July 16, 2018 (18:00 CET)


Until all tokens are sold

Tokens exchange rate:

1 HODLR = 150 EUR

Acceptable currencies:


Minimal transaction amount:

1 HODLR (150 EUR)

Excluded from participation

USA, Bangladesh, North Korea, South Korea, Syria


Initial Token Distribution

  • 99.9995% Investors
  • 0.0005% Bounty Program

Mining Profit Allocation

  • 90% HODLR Token Holders
  • 10% Team and Reinvestment

Accepted Payment Methods

Hodler Mining Facility Sneak Preview

Roadmap 2018

Our Timeline

June 1st 2018

Start Pre-ICO Token Sale (Phase 1)

July 16th 2018

Start ICO Token Sale (Phase 2)

August 2018

First Equipment Order

September 2018

First Equipment Delivery

November 2018

Hodler Mining
Fully Operational Hodler Mining Pool

December 2018

Exchange Listing

Monthly Payouts

Favorable Power Costs

Strong Partnerships

Mining Different Coins

Meet the Team

Nayiem Willems
C.E.O. & Head of Development
Javed Mohammad
IT & System Developer
Marco Valize
Web & Database Development
Hans Peters
Marketing Operations
Bjorn Koerts
Customer Relations

Our Suppliers

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Frequently asked questions

Below we’ve provided information of our ICO, HODLR Token, Neblio Platform, our mining location, our mining journey, long term plans and few others. If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the contact form below.

Hodler Mining is a crowd-funded cryptocurrency mining operation with a ‘historical mining’ touch. Our Hodler Mining Center is located in Geleen, The Netherlands, which features low-cost electricity, stable political and economical environment as well as a good network infrastructure. The enchanting city is widely recognized for its historical coal mining operation.

Hodler Mining is mining the most profitable coin every day which will be converted to Neblio. 90% of the profit will be converted to Neblio and paid to all HODLR stakeholders every month. We are unique because no contracts are created, by creating snapshots of the blockchain, any HODLR stakeholder will be allowed to receive Hodler Mining profits.

Absolutely! Everyone is allowed to visit Hodler Mining. You are also permitted to touch and feel the mining rigs or have a conversation with one of the developers or team members.

No problem, please let us know. We are here to help! You can: - Contact us through the contact form on the bottom of this page - Create a ticket via our live support (the chat bar on the right side of your screen) - Share your (technical) questions in our telegram group.

By registering at Hodler Mining, you will be asked to apply for your KYC. Before, during or after this process, you will be able to purchase HODLR tokens on your profile under the “Purchase HODLR” tab.

Unfortunately, we do not have a referral system.

USA, Bangladesh, North Korea, South Korea and Syria

The HODLR token has been built on the Neblio platform which allows us to create a snapshot of the blockchain and send rewards to all HODLR holders.

The HODLR tokens will be distributed during the ICO on every Sunday. It is required that you have a verified KYC and a valid Orion wallet address for the payout. For the PRE-ICO, the tokens will be distributed on July 20th.

The minimum amount of purchase is € 100 (EUR) during the 1st phase (Pre-ICO) and a minimum of € 150 (EUR) during the 2nd phase (ICO).

The following payment methods can be used to acquire HODLR tokens: Bitcoin Bitcoin Cash Bitstamp DASH Dogecoin Ethereum Ripple Litecoin Monero Tether Paypal Neblio (manual, contact us) Direct Bank Transfer (manual, contact us) Cash Drop at physical location (contact us)

The ICO will continue until all tokens are sold.

No, our wallet containing the unsold tokens cannot participate from the mining profits.

Yes! And to make it even more interesting, Hodler Mining offers miners low pool fees to mine at the Hodler Mining Pool for maximum output and profit of our mining rigs. The fees earned with the mining pool will be distributed among all HODLR holders.

Hodler Mining is located on a rare industrial site in the south of the Netherlands where the electricity rate is 0,065 euro.

Mining will start in September 2018.

Hodler Mining incorporates the immersion cooling technology. The energy efficiency is up to 95% which is significantly better than the traditional mining farms.

We already mentioned that the central location of the former main building of State Mine Maurits in the heart of Europe, offers not only serious opportunities for our mining activities but also for other crypto-related companies like: crypto traders, innovative start-ups, educational programs, block-chain accountancy and ICO development companies. Also, the set-up of educational projects and home and abroad lectures can be held from this campus.

Hodler Mining aims to have one of the largest mining pools in top 10 list of Ethereum Mining Pools. With our own mining farm and allowing 3rd parties and individuals to mine at our pool, we will have a great chance to become one of the biggest.

As technology and hardware develops, Hodler Mining is aiming to upgrade the hardware over time and build more miners at our location, allowing HODLR holders to receive a larger passive income every year.


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